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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 6, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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films, the girls are speaking directly to the cell phone camera. one is sitting cross legged on a bed, she's nude from the waist up and singing a song into the camera. the other one is facing the camera talking to the camera while she is engaged in fondling with a boy. >> attorneys in the case say the six girls are high school students who attend lake braddock and robinson and west springfield. these girls and the three boys have known each other since elementary school and the oldest among all of them is one of the girls, who is 17. >> i can see why the girls want to say they didn't know, but the evidence shows they did. >> attorneys for the two 16- year-old boys charged released this statement. there were no images or videos uploaded to the internet. there is no ring of child exploitation or exploitation of
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any kind. there were never any nonconsensual sexual acts under taken by anyone. they also said that the police investigation in this case was launched based on information provided by a third party juvenile, who admitted to providing completely fabricated information based on a personal agenda. now i talked to commonwealth attorney today and i asked him that if it's true the girls knew that they were being recorded, could they, too, be charged with child pornography? he said he could not comment on the details of the case, but he stood by the charges and said the victims, the girls in this case, will not be charged, anita. >> these kind of stories send chills down every parent's spine, especially with the cell phone, where were the videos taken? >> the videos were taken in houses and in fact, one of the girls houses, according to the attorney i spoke with today. >> peggy, thank you. guys. >> a lorton sandwich shop owner may have been the top of
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an explosion this morning. this happened in the 9500 block of richmond highway. it's in the william square shopping center. one person has been taken to the hospital with severe burns and surae chin is live in lorton where it all went down. surae. >> well, derek, folks are still cleaning up, they are boarding up the business and an employee next door at the thrift store right next door says she heard the explosion as things were flying off the shelves. she saw the owner being taken to the hospital. now fairfax county police say they are looking for one suspect seen running from the shopping center. now they are trying to figure out who did this and why the sub shop was targeted. >> just saw the smoke as i was loading my truck up. >> fire coming out of the win dose, all the windows, obviously, blown out. >> witnesses say the sub shop owner was the one badly burned and taken to washington hospital center's burn unit. >> i saw one of the owners, she was crying hysterical and
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saying, you know, guys shot a bomb in there and she described them and the dogs took off way. >> police are looking into other crimes that may have targeted the sandwich shop. the business was broken into last year and reports of graffiti spray painted inside. three years ago, an accidental fire burned down the sub shop at a neighboring business in 2010. >> i'm a little surprised. she's been here for years and it seems like he keeps having bad run ins around here. i don't get it. i don't get it. i don't see why. >> this time, there are unconfirmed reports it was a cocktail that went off inside the sandwich business and it may have backfired on the suspect. >> there is a report that there are other victims. those people are not on scene, obviously, we're looking for them. >> bomb sniffing and tracking dogs were dispatched. police are searching for one suspect and possibly a second. >> just scared. scared that something happened
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to them. you don't want to think that, especially when you are living so close, that something like this would happen and someone you know would get hurt. >> well police have made no arrests. they have been scouring the area of lorton trying to find that person or persons responsible. they are also checking on any past threats that possibly were made to the sub shop or owner. now a quick side note. people may know the williams burg square shopping center because three years ago, a freak mishap right next door to this family practice office when a meteorite fell through the roof and into that doctor's office. very well known here. a lot of interesting things have happened in the williamsburg square shopping center. >> life is too interesting down there, thank you. for the second time in as many days, thieves smashed up a local jewelry store, but tonight, frederick police say they have one suspect in custody. the most recent robbery took place yesterday afternoon at
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colonial jewelers on market street in downtown frederick. here's the surveillance video showing three masked gunmen bursting into the store. one of them armed with pepper spray. the woman hits the ground as the men begin to smash up the display cases and grab hands full of jewelry. after they run of the store, police say the suspects get away in a dark pickup. late today, we learn that alonzo was arrested in d.c. behind the wheel of a truck matching that description. the search goes on for the other two suspects. >> no word yet if the robbery in frederick is related to a similar smash and grab in arlington on monday. the surveillance video from that one is zales jewelers, four guys come in, smash up the display case with hammers, grab jewelry, and run off. investigators say they got away with 27 rings valued at $128,000. in the arlington case, no arrest yet. a vote on whether to end
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the national ban on gay members joining the boy scouts of america, well that's been put on hold. a decision had been expected today at the scout's board meeting in dallas, but the board decided to reschedule, saying the leaders needed more time to deliberate because of the complex si of the controversial issue. people against gays in the boy scouts rallied outside the boy scout's national headquarters in irving, texas. religious leaders argue banning gays from the boy scouts is the right thing to do. but gay right advocates and president obama are calling for the organization to be more inclusive. just last week, a proposal was introduced to allow individual scout leaders and troops to decide for themselves. the financial struggling u.s. postal service. more on the end of a 150 year tradition. >> no more mail on saturday. to save money, the u.s. postal
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service is ending saturday first class mail delivery beginning in august. many customers saw this day coming. >> i think it's probably long overdue. they have been having so many issues. >> i have been doing everything online for a really long time. so i don't think it's going to impact my world. >> over the past six years, the postal service lost $41 billion despite laying off 35% of its work force. >> it would be irresponsible for the postal service not to pursue this force. they are in a situation where we are obligated to make some tough choices and decisions. >> local post offices with saturday hours will still be open. mail carriers will continue to deliver express and priority mail as well as packages on saturday. >> there's a strong and growing demand for our package service. we need to meet that demand over the coming decades. >> congress usually approves any big changes at the post
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office, but the independent agency found a way to sidestep lawmakers. and most americans believe it is the right move. polls show nearly 7 in 10 people support the switch to five-day delivery service if it cuts cost. cbs news, washington. >> now the president of the letter carrier's union says the end of saturday mail delivery is a disastrous idea and would have a negative effect on millions of postal service customers. anita. the gun debate in maryland took an emotional turn. this time from supporters of gun rights. they swarmed annapolis as hearing on proposed new gun restrictions kicked off in the state senate. scott broom is live to tell us more. scott. >> anita, it was a big day here. maryland is considered a reliably liberal state, but conservative progun advocates today prove they can be very vocal, they are very organized and painful process to their opponents.
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>> that responsibility to protect yourself. that's what the second amendment is there for. >> these gun rights advocates turned out this legislative season's largest rally crowd to date in maryland. >> the government controlling the people. it's helping criminals. enter speakers included a 15- year-old expert on shooting the military-style ar15 rifle, explaning why ammunition magazines should be unlimited. >> it takes six minutes for the police to respond to your call. you know how many shots can be fired against you in six minutes? hundreds. >> government is not there to determine our needs. it's there to serve our needs. >> we have to kill, kill this bill. >> the advocate's latest siege of sorts on the senate committee hearing gun bills forcing an eight hour hearing that started with democratic
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governor, martin o'malley. >> it's our belief that car owners can take a driving test and obtain a license, it's reasonable to ask for safety training and a criminal background check in order to obtain a license for purchase of a handgun. >> among the supporters, prince georges county's state's attorney, angela. >> i don't think any person could have watched those 20 babies who were killed and not really be compelled to act. >> the three most controversial proposals are, proposed assault weapons ban, limitations on those high capacity ammunition magazines, and licensing of new handgun purchases, including the completion of at least an 8 hour safety course. reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. thank you, scott. a group of celebrities is speaking out in support of new gun control laws. tony bennett, and iowa iowa
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amanda pete. >> i'm ashamed that congresswoman mckarr mccarthy's battle has been a lonely one. most that don't make the headlines, gun violence is not being discussed as a public health crisis. >> the president of the united states is, you know, our boss. he's also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and dad of the country. when your dad says something, you listen. when you don't, it usually bites you later on. >> okay, the celebrities are part of a coalition called demand a plan to end gun violence. the group also includes elected officials, doctors, law enforcement officials and survivors of mass shooting, including the virginia tech and the colorado movie theater massacres. still ahead, an important warning this income tax season. we're going to show you how
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easy it is for crooks to e file using your name, social security number, and a fake w- 2. i'm topper shutt. colder air moving in tonight. here are the temperatures if you're headed out. prepare for windchills and pretty cold air. 45 downtown. it's 39 in gaithersburg. 37 in frederick and 41 in leesburg and 45 in manassas. we are tracking a nor'easter. that should perk up your ears for friday and friday night. two years after a jury convicted him of murdering chandra levi, he is due back here for a hearing tomorrow. so why are prosecutors and the judge refusing to tell us what is going on? i'm bruce leshan. the story just the other side of the break.
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secret hearing, disappearing documents. the mystery only deepens tonight in the decade old chandra levy murder case. >> a judge refused today to tell us what the heck is going on. bruce, this is a stumper. >> yeah, i mean, lesli, can you believe we are still talking about this 12 years later? it is just a big fat mystery. ingmar guandique is on his way back to d.c. from federal prison in alabama. he is expected at a hearing tomorrow, but the government has demanded secrecy about most of that and the judges agreed to the government's demand. the first amendment pleas of lawyers for a number of media outlets, including our parent company, have failed to sway the judge. we know this hearing is about some kind of problem with a witness who helped send ingmar
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guandique to prison for 60 years and it has to do with safety. beyond that, it's all secret, despite the best efforts of guandique's lawyers and the media, court hearings should be open unless there's a compelling reason to close them. >> we can't really discuss anything, i'm sorry. >> we are extremely concerned that a matter of this importance and interest to the community is happening behind closed doors and we certainly hope that the court will give us relief soon. >> sources are saying that guandique's lawyers are demanding a new trial, that one of the witnesses at the trial is so tainted that the conviction has to be thrown out. we know that tomorrow's hearing will be about defense, demands, for more information about that witness, but we do not know
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which witness. you probably remember that all of washington, all of the country was fascinated by this case in the year leading up to 9/11. in particular, because of the possibility that a congressman here in d.c. who was having an affair with chandra levy may have been involved in her death. >> we covered this extensively. we thought it was settled, clearly not. the virginia man charged with a shooting at the family research council pleaded guilty today. floyd admitted he shot a security guard inside the conservative lobbying group's building in northwest d.c. it happened last august. even though he was hit in the arm, that guard helped subdue him before anyone else got hurt. he told the judge that he carried out the shooting to send a message to those against gay rights. he faces up to 70 years when he is sentenced april 29. now out of baltimore where there was a guilty verdict in a murder case that made headlines
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across country. a jury convicted michael johnson of second-degree murder in the death of phylicia barnes. the body of the north carolina 16-year-old was found naked and floating in the river back in 2011. that was four months after she disappeared while visiting family in baltimore. johnson faces a maximum of 30 years in prison. the town of midland city, alabama, has two reasons to celebrate tonight. the child held hostage in a bunker for almost a week, little ethan, is finally safe at home and it's also his sixth birthday. there are signs and ribbons all over town wishing him a happy birthday and he got 1200 cards. the community has started an online come pain to raise $7,000 to send the little boy and family to disney world. >> very nice community. stop, i'm sorry, i made a drastic mistake today. i got my car washed. now you're talking nor'easter.
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>> unfortunately, we need the rain. but the heaviest rain is going to miss us, that doesn't mean you're going to get some. >> you can blame me. >> exactly. all right, let's talk about a live look outside. it is very nice. a very nice day. temperatures made it into the upper 40s. and right now, we're clear. 45 degrees. dew point in the mid 20s. temperatures are going to fall further with the lack of cloud cover. we have a north, northwest flow. the winds will calm down later on tonight. pressure beginning to rise. so temperatures, some in the 30s, mainly low 40s. 40 in rockville. 41 in reston and 43 in springfield and 44 in alexandria. 44 down toward waldorf. now a couple of storms here. is this a two prong storm. we should get rid of this one, but we can't. this is going to track across
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the upper midwest and the lakes. bring just enough warm air to negate the developing storm system. this is a classic place now for the storm to develop. it's going to move northeastward and get to a place. essentially, that's a perfect track for us, we are not going to have the cold air. by the time the storm really, really cranks, it's going to be parallel and moving up the atlantic sea board. that said, we start out clear, some clouds will come in by dawn and we stay cloudy tomorrow, but we stay dry. nothing happens until tomorrow night in the immediate metro area. so a little bit colder tonight. a lot of clouds and colder on thursday. a mix is possible well north and west thursday night. and by that, i mean west of frederick, west of leesburg. essentially along the i-81 corridor. at least this time. friday, grab a coat and an umbrella. again, heaviest actions east of us, we'll have showers and some periods of rain. 24 to 32 tonight.
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clear to partly cloudy. clouds return by dawn. winds northeasterly at 10. we have 20s all over the place. rockville 27. 27 in fairfax. 25 in sterling. 29 in college park. now tomorrow morning, 20s and 30s, mostly cloudy. a little breezy late in the morning. by afternoon, a lot of clouds, but it stays dry. highs around 40. winds pick up easterly at 10 to 15. so the next three days, 9 weather alert is green tomorrow, but still yellow on friday. raw and wet. 44 degrees and then breezy and chilly on saturday in the wake of the storm in the low 40s. and really very nice on sunday. temperatures go back to around 50 with sunshine. more rain and showers on monday, but we're now really warm. low 50s. a break on tuesday and some more showers possible on wednesday with highs in the upper 40s. we were just talking, a lot of chitchat going on about this storm in new england. if you know anybody that has plans to travel in new york city or albany or boston or
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hartford, tell them to get there by friday morning or they aren't going to get there or out any time soon. >> that could impact fashion week. >> what's that? >> that could impact fashion week. >> oh no. heart be still. >> it's an international event, people. >> a second grader is defended for saving the world with an imaginary grenade. up next, high anxiety on a florida interstate when a truck just goes on the side of an overpass. does it fall?
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it was anything but smooth sailing today for anybody traveling on the bre. a cracked trail and a disabled freight train. just about everything near the brook station. now they fixed the rail and towed away that train, but the delays lasted well past the morning rush. thankfully, metro was nice about it, they honored all the tickets and picked up the slack. now we go to a frightening scene on a fort lauderdale bridge. there was a collision between a bakery truck and another vehicle and it sent that truck
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crashing into a guardrail. in fact, look at that truck. it's hanging over the bridge over i-95. this went on for hours. the rescue crews did manage to get the driver out. he was taken to the hospital. unfortunately, a second person inside that truck died. imaginary play led to a real-life suspension for a colorado second grader. seven-year-old alex evans was playing a game called rescue the world at his loveland elementary. that's when school administrators threw a pretend grenade into a box. absolutely no fighting, real or imaginary, and no weapons real or imaginary. still, neither alex or his parents get this at all. >> i pretended the box and something shaking in it. >> i think that when a child tries to save the world, i
5:27 pm
don't think he should be punished for it. >> i don't think the rule is very realistic anyway. >> the school superintendent says the district doesn't have a policy against imaginary weapons, but every school is allowed to enhance the school code. >> there was no weapon. it was just pretend. >> pretend into a box of pretend evil sources. >> okay. coming up, the defense secretary sounds the alarm about the real thing. the budget crisis for the military and federal spending cuts take effect. but first, income tax season is bad enough, but now it's easy for crooks to e file using your name, social, and fake w-2. somebody does this to you, it can be devastating. it's on the rise. we find it alarming, you will,
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it's tax season now, but imagine trying to file your taxes only to find out someone beat you to it. it's a nightmarish reality for millions of americans and many of them are your neighbors. a crime where you can be victimized over and over again. according to the treasury inspector general for tax administration, nearly 1.2 million cases were reported to the irs in 2012. and tonight, the two people you're about to hear from say they now live in constant fear. >> my counselor gave me a call on the telephone and said we couldn't file electronically. >> irs granted jonathan again
5:31 pm
an extension to file his 2011 tax. he needed the time to grieve. she was full of life, even as a brain tumor took a toll on his little body. >> she's an amazing little girl. never complained once. >> alexis died shy of her fifth birthday. finally file the taxes, he got another blow. >> the family stolen the social security number and used it to file a tax return. >> i said they must have made a mistake. >> nadine's social security number was used for a different kind of identity theft. she filed her taxes with h and r block and got a refund for over $6,000. but in december, she got a bill from the tax service telling her she need the ed to pay back a loan. last year, someone came to this location and used nadine's social security number to take out a $1,000 loan in her name. then that person came to this 7-
5:32 pm
eleven a block away and used the atm to withdraw the money from the prepaid debit card that h and r block. >> not show an id or pay slip. >> it's a crime that can haunt you the rest of your life. >> executive director for the maryland crimes resource center. 33 victims of id theft sought their help last year. butler says technology has made much easier for your id to get into the wrong hands. >> five, ten, fifteen years later, someone still has your information. they still haven't been caught. or they may have sold it to someone else. >> this can happen in several ways, but e filing is helping to fuel it. it is often hard to spot and prosecute. but the irs says its efforts in 2012 help to protect $20 billion in revenue related to
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fraudulent returns. jonathan again thought his daughter's social security number was safe. he thinks alexis' id was compromised because of a government death master file that contains the name, date of birth, address, and full social security number of any person who dies. all you have to do is go online to buy it. >> you are powerless. you really have no ability to safeguard your loved ones identity after they die. >> how worried are you that somebody now has your social security number can go out and commit more crimes. >> i'm very worried because they can take out bigger loans. they can destroy me by doing this. >> now we have some good news in any way dean's case. after she contacted us, the director told us we take this matter seriously and apologize for the breakdown in the communications process. this is an isolated incident and we are working directly with the client to resolve this
5:34 pm
matter. we will provide identity theft protection services at our expense. now, identity crime is devastating. you can do everything right and this can still happen to you. the best thing to do is to protect yourself so it doesn't happen in the first place. leave your social security card at home. don't give a business or doctor that number. they don't need it. shred anything that comes in the mail to you with your address. remember, scammers get started with the basics. and check your credit report and the report for your children every 12 months. now since our story aired, some of you have reached out about your medicare cards because they do, in fact, use your social security number as your id number and that is not going to change. so, you have to be sure to protect that card like it's a credit card and if you suspect fraud, call 1-800-medicare. we have all kinds of resources, links, phone numbers, ways to get you caught up on this issue, plus, this call for action identity theft pamphlet that can walk you through the
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process. i'm holding it up right here. go to our website and click on the wusa call for action link at the top of the page to file a complaint. >> great information, lesli. mandatory government spending cuts are a few weeks away if congress and the white house can't agree on a federal budget. now, outgoing defense secretary is warning what's next for the military if se quest sequestration happens. >> military's most serious readiness crisis in years comes not from the front line, but the bottom line. >> this is not a game. this is reality. >> it happens if congress doesn't approve a budget by march 1. government spending cuts would cost the military $46 billion this year alone. >> we will furlough as many as 800,000dod civilians around the country for up to 22 days.
5:36 pm
>> secretary panetta says army training, flying hours, and global naval operations will shrink. the navy expects to announce it can't pay to refuel and maintain the aircraft carrier. the pentagon officials confirmed that panetta will recommend a military pay cut. salaries limited to a 1% increase, smaller than in years past. final approval would come from congress, which is talking as much about sequester blame as solutions. playing games. give new meaning to the term, march madness. because that's what will resolve if we have to face a sequester. >> that's why i plot to not have this in the first place. but a president didn't want to have to deal with the debt limit again before his reelection. >> secretary panetta says se quest ration shows congress governing by crisis, leaving the military with no good
5:37 pm
options. in washington, emily schmidt, wusa9. >> secretary panetta spoke today at georgetown university and there, he told the crowd he hoped it was one of his last speeches as secretary of defense. as you know, president obama nominated former senator, chuck hagel, to replace him. and president obama nominated the president of one of the leading outdoor gear retailers to be his new interior secretary. sally dual, who runs r.e.i. a former becking executive and she will replace ken salazar. she would be the first woman in the president's second term cabinet. coming up on wusa9, keeping young athletes safe and we're not just talking about concussions here. there's a new action plan on what needs to be in place when your kids take the field. >> but up next, the makers of monopoly, the new player's token in over half a century. don't forget, we are always
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on at and the wusa9 app. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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monopoly fans have spoken.
5:41 pm
hasboro is replacing the iron with a cat. giving fans a say about which token to add and which to eliminate from the popular board game. the iron, the wheelbarrow, and the shoe were neck and neck for elimination in the final hours of voting. it is the first change to the monopoly token since the 1950s. versions of the game are due out later and the shoe is still there. >> good to know. >> all right, the galexy far away keeps getting bigger and bigger. disney will have a star wars trilogy, but now they unveiled plans for two stand alone spinoffs. each of the star wars spinoffs will be written around a specific character, but not going to come after episode 7. they will be directed by j.j.abrams. it's going to be good. >> derek is going to love it. coming up, a hawaiian vacation turns into a whale of a tail.
5:42 pm
for a couple in a canoe. but up next, a health alert, a just released study warns a number of alzheimer's cases will triple over the next few decades.
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topping our health alert, startling numbers that have a big impact on the baby boomer generation and all of us. new research in the journal of neurology suggests the number of people with alzheimer's is going to skyrocket. going from 5 million today to 14 million in 2050. we have to rev up our research efforts. there's no known cause or cure for alzheimer's as the boomers enter their retirement years. >> as they age, we know the numbers of those will increase dramatically. right now, we aren't prepared to deal with this crisis. >> of course, as those numbers go up, the burden will increase on families and the nation. healthcare costs is about 22 billion per year. if we continue at our current pace, that number could be over a trillion dollars. now to the younger one. keeping athletes safe on the field. it's been in the news a lot these days with the nfl and concussions, but obviously, kids are at risk, too.
5:46 pm
a summit on youth sports safety just wrapped up in d.c. and lawmakers were briefed today about an action plan for all levels of the game. >> i was going for a ground ball. >> this youtube video narrated by tommy illustrates how deceiving sports injuries can be. his mom was on the sidelines, photographing the final lacrosse game of his high school career in 2009. >> tommy fell to the ground and he had suffered a fractured neck, concussion, and a dissected artery, all in that one very benign looking hit. >> beth says fortunately, an athletic trainer was there and insisted tommy stay down until help arrived. he is doing pretty well now, but it took a year of grueling rehab to recover. >> you're going to drop off your child at a field or a gym or a pool, you need to know who is on the sidelines in the event of a catastrophic injury. >> there's legislation in 43
5:47 pm
states on how concussions in youth sports should be handled. but this action plan urges schools to have safety measures in place that address not just concussions or brain injuries, but cardiac events. heat or exertion related conditions and performance enhancing substances or supplements. >> what it all boils down to is, you have to have certified athletic trainers and have to have an action plan. >> bob's son died after a severe helmet to helmet collision in his first varsity football game in 2008. >> we have been working since 2008 to keep matthew's spirit alive, to help youth sport athletes be safe on the field. football, lacrosse, soccer, you name it. >> another part of the action plan calls for coaches and athletic officials to be trained in cpr. automated di if i difibulator. lesli. >> thanks, anita. one d.c. teacher got quite a
5:48 pm
gift in the classroom today. jacquelyn sims, a third grade teacher, was overcome because she won the $25,000 educator award. very emotional about that. the award is called the oscar of teaching and it is aimed at motivating outstanding talent to the teaching profession. >> some canoers got a really big surprise on vacation in hawaii. friends out paddling when a humpback whale bumps into their boat. they're a little scared at first, but they got the story of their lifetime. mr. whale just swam off. the canoers say the whale didn't appear to be hurt, but hawaiian authorities say this is the peek of whale season and they warn be extra careful, which i don't know what that means. how are you extra careful? >> stay on the beach. >> exactly. watch the water. you always ask me about boats,
5:49 pm
whenever i see these stories, it does not get me any close closer to a boat. >> once you go out there, there's nothing you can do. >> he's about ten times the size of your canoe. >> 49 today. that's the warmest we have been in the month of february. now a little cooler air rolls in tonight. we are still tracking the nor'easter for friday. weather office, maybe could end as snow friday evening north of town, baltimore, frederick, we'll see. let's start with a live look outside. i know derek is pulling for it. this is our michael and son weather camera. temperature 45 still downtown. dew point mid 20s. we're looking at, it's not a very dry air mass. 44 humidity. winds still north, northwest at 14. and they will calm down before midnight. so, if you are headed out, it's chilly. 39 up in rockville. 40 in bethesda. 40 in fairfax. 42 in springfield and old town. 41 in college park and 42 down
5:50 pm
toward waldorf. so, i'm going to zoom into this storm. this is storm number one in the midwest. it will track across the ohio valley. light snow through the great lakes, probably a mix in chicago. and then this is the big storm that will become the big dominant storm. it has a lot of moisture with it. big thunderstorms and rain. that's going to roll to a position off the north carolina coast, which is about perfect for us as we get into friday morning. the cold air is not going to be here. now the only thing we have going for us is cold air is up to the north of us and that midwestern storm does something different, we could get more cold air in here quicker. right now, we aren't going to be in the bulls eye of the rain. we will get some rain out of it, but not much. lots of clouds and colder tomorrow, but dry. a mix is possible well north and west tomorrow night. by that, i mean around i-81. and friday, grab a coat and an umbrella and prepare for a wet commute going to work and a wet commute coming home from work. next three days, green
5:51 pm
tomorrow, rainy and wet on friday. 44. a raw day. and then 42 with sunshine on saturday. just kind of chilly in the wake of the storm. next seven days, looks great, we're back up to 50 on sunday. more showers on monday. cooler tuesday and wednesday. upper 40s and some more showers possible on wednesday. >> all right, if you are a big- time high school baller or maybe the parent of one, this is a big day for you because you are announcing where you're going to go for college. >> that's right, it's not just football, it's baseball, basketball, soccer, it's national signing day. it's a big deal not only for high school athletes, but the colleges as well. it's when the teams find out how well the recruiting efforts have paid off. wusa9's diana roberts has more on students in our area that signed on the dotted line. >> a lot of excitement surrounding national signing day. first stop, good council high school, where eight young men dawn the hats of their new
5:52 pm
school. >> in the school president, students here wore bow ties as they shared with the world the school of their football future. >> it was a good decision for me. i feel a lot of love up there and just, i have to focus on my academics as well as football. harvard is a good option for me. >> great school, you know, family tradition. >> families feel much pride in these young men. just ask andre's former football playing grandfather. >> his hand is greater than mine, and mine were great. >> he was a hall of famer. so it's kind of like a pedigree- type thing. hopefully i can follow in his footsteps. and god willing, i can work to be better. >> next up, quince. >> at this point in time, i
5:53 pm
would like to pick up your pens, sign your signature. >> you can kick butt in the classroom or kick butt in the field. >> and at power house, football and soccer players put pen to paper. >> chris will be attending a previous national champion of the last few years. a long journey. >> the journey they have to their new schools and futures have begun. for wusa9, i'm dianne roberts. >> a local school did well in getting their recruits. according to, virginia tech classes rank 22nd in the nation. virginia at 27, and maryland at 31. so they all did fairly well, especially maryland got late pushes and able to, you know, sign the guys that they wanted. we'll hear from some of them coming up at 6:00. >> exciting for the parents, too. >> no kidding. >> coming up at 6:00. >> this is bruce johnson and
5:54 pm
mayor vin vincent gray says he wants to spend money on affordable housing. it's not enough. i'll have that story coming up. and ashley judd in the mud. the actress taking a shot from the right even though she is not a candidate for anything. >> but first, pooch protection, we'll tell you about a mandatory move requiring dog owners to insert requiring dog owners to insert microchips in their pet. announcer: cbs wednesday, a csi event. i'm looking for d.b. russell. announcer: a crime in vegas... taylor: where is she? how well do you know christine? i love this woman. announcer: ...ends in new york. ♪ i follow you down... i'll call my team. ♪ through the eye of the storm... ♪ taylor: you heard what he said. she's going to die. i'm coming with you. stokes: we got a body. (groans) where is she?! announcer: only cbs.
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there's an effort underway to require every dog owner to put a microchip in their pet. as rita reports, the move is designed to cut down on more than 100,000 dogs that are lost or dumped in the uk every year. >> judy mcguire has a tight grip on her west highland terrier. >> she is pretty good. she stays by. >> if she did run off, there's a good chance her owner would find her because she has a microchip inside her. lawmakers in england are requiring all dogs to be fitted with the chip that is coated with their owner's details. >> a really positive impact, 110,000 dogs get lost every year will get dumped. only about half of them get back to their original owners. >> the mandate goes into effect in three years. owners who don't comply could be slapped with an $800 fine. many animal shelters in england will put the chip in for free.
5:58 pm
it's tiny, just the size of a grain of rice and it is placed between a dog's shoulder blades. a scanner reads the chips to find the dog's owner. but animal welfare officials warn those details must be kept up to date or the chip is worthless. >> if people move and don't remind that they have moved, then it's not going to work. >> 60% of britain's 8 million dogs already have microchips. >> if anything happens, at least he has that. he has some chance of finding him again. >> the painless procedure that could end up being a dog's best friend. >> rita nissan for cbs news, london. >> lawmakers in england say the chips will remain optional, because they are not outside in public as often. here in the u.s., only about 5% of an estimated 130 million dogs and cats have those
5:59 pm
microchips. we begin with a developing story out of fairfax county where the attorneys for the three teenage boys charged with child pornography deny the teenage girls in those sex videos are victims. all the boys in the videos attend west springfield high. peggy fox talked to one of the boys attorneys who say their behavior was stupid, but it was not criminal. >> i don't think these girls are victims anymore than the boys are victims. they are all foolish. >> defense attorney is representing the youngest of three boys from west springfield high school charged with child pornography. he has seen the videos and says there are ten of them that run from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. he says they were all taken on one boy's cell phone. >> one boy running into the room while a couple is engaged in a consensual sex and turning on his cell phone. that's the extent of the production. >> none of the film that we have seen shows any girl under the influe


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